Global IT Management Company

next groove is indispensable for your business.

Our services for all companies that use IT. We bring technology and professional service to help you succeed in a changing business environment.

Our offerings :
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • IT Management Consulting and BPO (now available for Japan only)
  • End-User Computing Management (now available for Japan only)
Benefit :

Improved the corporate competitiveness.

  • manage Risk
  • comply with regulations
  • enhance product features
Difference :

Considerable performance and knowledge.

  • Financial Services, Communications and Technology companies. Most of our customer is in FORTUNE 500 global. Quick and accurate management.
  • 24/7 management service. Better support for you.
  • Professional service with 90 languages or less.




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Message from CEO


Technologies for more people, our mission.
Improved the corporate value.
Contributes to the Industries, Lives and Society.
It becomes indispensable existence.

We are Global IT Management Company.

The POWER of IT, brings a physical restriction close to 0.

We have considerable performance and knowledge.
Most of our customer is in FORTUNE 500 global .
Financial Services, Communications and Technology companies.

Our Engineer has firm sense of social mission.
Carry out our task with professional competence.
We learns everything always.

Talent and Technical skill are our fortune.
Technology and Innovation are our energy.
We brings technology and professional services
to help you succeed in a changing business environment.

– Teruyoshi ADACHI (President & Chief Executive Officer)


私たちは、米国及び日本国内における金融・IT系を中心とした法人様の事業展開に必要不可欠な技術とアウトソーシングの提供を通して、クライアント企業様の企業価値を高め、産業・生活・社会にとって「なくてはならない」事業を創出し、21 世紀社会において「なくてはならない」企業となるべく事業展開しております。




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Corporate Profile


Name of company :

  next groove Co.,Ltd.

Locations :

  [TOKYO]          Shinagawa Intercity Tower A, 28th floor, 2-15-1, Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-6028 JAPAN

Management Team :

  Teruyoshi ADACHI     - President & Chief Executive Officer
  Misao YUASA         – Managing Director
  Takamasa ADACHI     - Managing Director
  Hideaki KAISE        - Executive Director
  Toyokazu KAWAMOTO   - Auditor

Establishment :

  March 12, 2004

Executive Partner :

  Lansys IT Solutions Pte. Ltd.


会社名 株式会社ネクストグルーヴ
日本 東京都港区港南2-15-1品川インターシティA-28F
設立 2004年3月12日
決算月 1月
資本金 10,000,000円
役員 代表取締役社長           足立 照嘉 
取締役                 湯浅 操
取締役                 足立 隆昌
執行役員(情報セキュリティ担当) 海瀬 秀晃
監査役                 川元 豊和
顧問税理士 高橋十三二事務所
許認可 特定労働者派遣事業「届出受理番号 特14-302545」


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